Foreign Trade Agency
Services and consulting for foreign trade

Consulting & Services

Our services cover a wide range of foreign trade and organizational consulting. Our consulting services are designed to improve the security, speed and efficiency of your export and customs procedures. Our approaches are geared specifically to the needs and objectives of your company.
We develop suitable concepts for you, which are constantly adapted and implemented through well-coordinated cooperation. Part of this is our data analysis and processing, which serves as a basis for our work and is provided to you as a guide for future decisions.



Safety: Compliance with regulations and avoiding penalties

  • Export controls such as trade in dual-use goods, trade with certain countries and recipients
  • Material Classification like goods list checks in accordance with the EC Dual-Use Goods Regulation and the US Commerce Control List, US de minimis calculations and goods listings in accordance with embargo regulations (EU, US)
  • Organizational and application consulting in the area of trade embargoes, e.g: Partial embargoes in accordance with EC regulations and EAR/OFAC regulations
  • Examination of order confirmations and other conditions with regard to plausibility and risk protection measures.
  • Business partner checks - Know Your Your Customer (KYC) analyses


Speed: Search for legal restrictions and operational loopholes                                         

  • Management of origin of goods and preferences as well as supplier declarations
  • Application & document management from export to customs
  • Assistance with contract initiation and the drafting of certain conditions
  • Customs controlling and in/outsourcing of customs and export processes   

Economic efficiency: Practical testing as part of customs and export compliance audits

  • Customs optimizations in the context of customs analyses and customs simulations using customs preferences and free trade agreements or free trade zones
  • Needs-based and operationally adapted compliance management system
  • Market intelligence & country-specific information
  • Customs and export control audits and compliance monitoring

Data Analysis & Curation

Our data analyses give you a deeper insight into your foreign trade transactions. With the modern data analysis tools that we use for our reports, such as IDEA or Power BI, we can provide you with precise results and identify sources of risk. We are happy to create templates for independent analyses and provide you with an overview of useful tools.

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Screenshot 2024-04-12 112855
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