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Whether it is due to unexpected changes in personnel or the company structure - vacancies arise quickly. To ensure that your export business still runs smoothly and that you are always legally secured, we offer a wide range of support services. In addition to our consulting activities, you can quickly fill vacancies with our interim managers and benefit from the export, customs and management skills of our experts.

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Our Approach 

Successful interim management is more than just bridging a vacancy. It requires strategic planning, careful execution and adapted project management skills. With our project management expertise and specialist knowledge, we can ensure customized solutions for your business. We work closely with your team to understand your business objectives, challenges and specific requirements. By aligning our interim management strategies with your objectives, we ensure that our solutions contribute directly to your success.
In addition, we emphasize transparency and regular feedback to ensure that you are always informed about the progress of our joint efforts. So you can rest assured that we're not just filling a temporary gap, but adding long-term value and ensuring a smooth transition into your export and customs-related processes.


Why choose Exportwirtschaft ICS?




At Export Economics ICS, our focus is on effective collaboration and clear communication. With experienced managers who can adapt to different environments, we offer reliable and efficient solutions to ensure your success in times of transition.

Our experts have a wide background in the industry and in-depth knowledge of customs and foreign trade. They will assist you during customs audits so that your rights are preserved throughout the entire process. They are competent contact persons for authorities, service providers and internal customers.

We offer best-practice solutions and the assurance of your process quality in foreign trade. With our knowledge of project and process management, we can secure your operational customs and compliance processes. Our interim managers support you in minimizing risks and protecting your company from violations and high fines.

We are experts in export control, and especially in US export control. In addition to the classification of goods and license applications in day-to-day business, we support you in implementing and maintaining an internal compliance program.

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