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SAP GTS Implementation 

The SAP system for Global Trade Services (GTS) provides a stand-alone technical solution for implementing internal compliance processes and automating global trade transactions. GTS can be used to manage numerous business partners and documents and ensure that your company always complies with constantly changing international legal regulations. This is because the databases that GTS uses to compare legal bases, sanctions and classifications are regularly updated and save internal documentation or time-consuming information searches.
The system supports global trade activities with the tools to participate in the modernized systems and electronic communication pathways of government and customs authorities. This avoids costly delays and financial risks associated with imports or exports and opens up new international business opportunities.

Obstacles of International Trade Relations


Rapid pace of global trade, but goods exports take too long

Changing legal requirements and classifications of goods on a daily basis

Free and preferential trade agreements can rarely be fully utilized

Unclear imposition of sanctions in the global market, trading partners with unclear locations

Advantages of SAP GTS



Import and export management

Real time compliance checks

Support for customs procedures

GTS poses an interface of your core logistics processes with multiple government customs systems to help ensure compliant and efficient export management. To name a few: product classification, sanctioned party list screening, export license management and determination, and embargo screening are all supported by GTS to ensure your export business.

GTS enables cost and time savings by automating processes. The monitoring functions allow efficient enforcement of compliance solutions that can be applied company-wide, and therefor risks and legal consequences are drastically minimized.

Meet customs requirements, such as foreign trade zones, processing trade in China, bonded warehousing, settlement for inward processing and processing under customs control, Intrastat, and the Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS).


Free trade agreement checks

Sanctioned party list (SPL) screening

Accelerated application data analysis

In addition to compliance solutions, GTS also offers functions that consider beneficial use of free trade agreements and simplify preference calculations. This opens the possibility to further improve your supply chains and simplify your export process.

The software facilitates easy examination of trading partners all over the world and throughout the whole company. That includes checks in all departments, from procurement to sales. If a transaction fails the check, the software blocks it for immediate review.


In conjunction with SAP HANA as the database for SAP Global Trade Services runs efficiently computation. Through in-memory computing technology, the database helps accelerate application data analysis with tools including data modeling and lifecycle management.

Our Services

Are you considering switching to SAP GTS (Global Trade Services) to automate your export and import trade checks? We offer a service for the implementation of GTS in your ERP system to ensure a smooth transition to faster compliance solutions. Or do you have questions about the optimal application? Our experts with years of experience in export and customs can help you, please contact us for consulting or training requests.